We are ready to resume classes!

1. While school was suspended, we thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the entire kindergarten. We also advised our staff members to adopt preventive measures to ensure personal and environmental hygiene. Besides, we require every teacher to measure body temperature before entering school. In case of a fever, no entry will be allowed.

2. To enhance the hygienic conditions of our kindergarten, we employed “Healthy Giant” to provide New Zealand’s ZOONO long-acting antimicrobial sanitization throughout the school during the suspension. The ZOONO spray solution was able to kill pathogens to prevent an outbreak with its antibacterial effect lasting for at least 1 month. Continuous spray sanitization has covered every corner of the kindergarten, including toys, furniture, outdoor playgrounds, classrooms, desks and chairs, toilets, entrances and exits, etc. In addition, we have sterilized desks and chairs, toys, school properties, and surrounding areas with diluted bleach (1:49) on a daily basis.