Our Philosophy

In line with “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide(2017)”, we have developed a teaching approach that merges subjects in everyday life, general models, and learning with games to which we add religious education. Our curriculum covers five areas of development, namely “Moral development”, “Cognitive and language development”, “Physical development”, “Affective and social development”, and “Aesthetic development”, in order to nurture children’s ethics, intellect, physique, social skills, aesthetics, and spirit which ultimately leads to whole-person education.

The curriculum was created upon the concept of “GAMES” which linked personal interest and diversity of learning experience together.


Learn through playing. Play through learning.

Artistic development

Embedding arts education in classroom and in life.

Moral Education

Cultivating positive values, self-motivation, and good character as well as nurturing the love of nature.

Active Exploration

Actively explore and learn to stimulate wisdom and creativity.


Promoting independence and individuality; developing personal potentials.