School Album

We offer our children diverse and wide-ranging activities, for examples, artistic activities, physical games, English and Putonghua (Mandarin) activities. We also arrange learning experience by different themes, such as BBQ and hotpot. Getting in touch with nature, like growing different plants in our garden, is especially highlighted. In addition, children have a chance to take part in celebration of various festivities.

We value outdoor and experiential activities. Depending on areas of learning and children’s preference, we would arrange different visits and outings to help the children understand their community and living environment. We also organize sport events and family picnics from time to time to foster the overall wellbeing of the children.

We offer an array of activities for parents and their child who may strengthen their bonding through participation. We also give talks and workshops to parents regularly where our teachers may share what have been achieved with the parents. In terms of professional development of our teachers, we take professional exchange and growth as a team very seriously. That is why we encourage our teachers to seize every training opportunity for enhancing their teaching quality.