Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appropriate age for admission?

Age for admission:

  • N  Class : 2 years old – 2 years and 8 months
  • K1 Class : 2 years and 8 months – 3 years and 8 months
  • K2 Class : 3 years and 8 months – 4 years and 8 months
  • K3 Class : 4 years and 8 months – 5 years and 8 months

According to the Education Bureau (EDB)’s regulation, the appropriate age for kindergarten and nursery admission must be 2 years 8 months old or above , and 2 years old coorespondingly.

When does the school start?

The offical school day will usually start at the beginning of September. The first day of school will be a game day for the all new students while the first 2 or 3 weeks of September will be the new student adaptation period.

How many students in each class on average?

There is one class for each grade. The average number of students for K1 to K3 class and N class are approximately 30 students and 10-12 students coorespondingly.

Is the application for N and K1 class made on a first-come-first-served basis?

Applications are not considered on a first come first serve basis. Interviews will be arranged for parents who have submitted the application for applicants of an eligible age.

What is the admission criteria?

– Interview performance

– The applicant with sibling(s) currently studying in the kindergarten will be given due priority consideration

– The applicant from families in need will be given due priority consideration when applying for long whole day classes

– As the number of school places is limited, please understand that not all applicants fulfilling the priority consideration will be guaranteed a school place.

How to apply for Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission (RC)?